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A12MPS - Swivel Joint Tri-Clamp Assembly


SKU: FI/A12MPS-1.5-304

The A12MPS swivel joint clamp assembly is an A3 certified clamp for CIP and wash-down applications. This assembly includes a clamp, collar, and gasket. Like a standard Tri-Clamp, the swivel clamp securely connects two Tri-Clamp ferrules together. However, the swivel clamp is extra wide to allow room for the Teflon collar, which encircles the ferrules and allows the joint to move smoothly when the clamp is tight. This prevents the risk of spillage and allows you to easily turn or swivel the Tri-Clamp connection on a racking arm or flow panel.

The A12MPS swivel joint is available in all standard Tri-Clamp sizes.

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