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MH-20 HIS "Dry Hopper"



The MH-20 Hop Induction System (HIS) greatly increases the ease and safety of the dry hopping process. Attached to select centrifugal or shear pumps, the MH-20 HIS hygienically suctions hops into your beer with minimal oxygen introduction. This completely eliminates the need for scissor lifts or shaky ladders, decreasing workload and greatly increasing safety.  With the MH-20 HIS just load your hops, start your pump, turn the valve, and within minutes your hops are in the tank. We have added a pneumatic vibrator to the hopper to improve the flow of the hops and to help prevent bridging and clogs. 

We've custom designed the MH-20 based on feedback from our local breweries: 

  • Light and easy to move - the MH-20 HIS features rear-facing wheels so it can be easily carted around the brewery.
  • Semi-conical - our design helps reduce hop clogs and provides easy loading.
  • Dual CO2 intakes - dual intakes allow you to maintain a low oxygen environment at any stage in the hopping process. 

Requirements: The MH-20 HIS requires a centrifugal pump with a 2" inlet and at least 5HP. These include the INOXPA Hyginox SEN-20, the CPE C216, the CB+216, and the QIM+316.


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