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C Series Seal Kit


SKU: SK/C100-1B-E

The C-Series Seal Kit is a replacement kit for centrifugal c-series pumps. The seal kit in a centrifugal pump should be replaced approximately once a year, or when leaking or a decrease in efficiency occurs. How often you should replace your seal kit depends on the application and the frequency you use your pump. The D seal centrifugal pumps require a Mechanical Seal KitThe DG Seal Kit fits C114, C216, C,218, and C328 pumps fitted with a DG seal (this is not a conversion kit) and includes a ceramic seat that protects the backplate from wear and tear. The C-Series Ultimate Kit is a complete service kit for centrifugal pumps with a D seal that have been in service for over a year. C+Series Seal Kits are available here

C-Series Ultimate Seal Kit:

  • 90 - Casing gasket
  • 80 - Carbon seal
  • 80A - Cup
  • 80B - Carbon seal o-ring
  • 80BUR - Backup ring (C100 only)
  • 80C - Spring
  • 24 - Impeller retainer pin

C-SERIES Mechanical Seal Kit:

  • 80 - Carbon seal
  • 80B - Seal o-ring
  • 90- Casing gasket
  • 80BUR - Backup ring (C100 only)

C-Series DG Seal Kit:

  • 80-4 Spring
  • 80-3P Cup
  • 80-1-2-G Stationary seal gasket (Teflon)
  • 80-1-2A-G Stationary seal gasket (Teflon)
  • 80-1-1 Stationary seal (Silicon Carbide)
  • 24B-316 Impeller retainer
  • 19 Seal o-ring (EPDM or Viton)
  • 80-1A Rotating seal (Carbon)
  • 90A Casing gasket (EPDM or Viton)

Elastomer Materials:

Buna-N elastomers are an economical option that will handle most food, dairy, beverage, and sanitary services. It has good acid and alkali resistance and is good for vegetable oil service. Rated for temperatures from -40° F to 180° F.

EPDM  is resistant to most products in the food industry, including ozone and radiation. They are not resistant to organic and non-organic fats and oils. Rated for temperatures from -40°F to 302°F.

Viton® is particularly well suited for hot fatty oil products. The temperature range is 0°F to 400°F under continuous duty, however, it can handle up to 600°F for short periods of time. Rated for temperatures from -2° F to 450° F (short term to 600° F).

Pump Compatibility:

These are replacement seal kits for C-series centrifugal pumps. They fit pumps manufactured by the following companies. 

  • Alfa Laval®
  • Ampco®
  • Bradford®
  • Q-pump
  • Purity®
  • Topline®
  • Tri-Clover®
  • Waukesha®

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