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The MH-2000 Glitter Induction System

The MH-2000 Glitter Induction System (GIS) greatly increases the ease and safety of the glittering process. Attached to select centrifugal pumps, the MH-2000 GIS fully and completely distributes glitter throughout your entire tank, and pipes, and all connected equipment. This completely eliminates the need for scissor lifts or shaky ladders, and assures that every beer you brew will shine with the happiness and cheer of an 8 year old's craft party. 

Anodized in gold, the MH-2000 GIS is a striking and convenient addition to your brewery. Just load your glitter, start your pump, and watch your beer sparkle. We guarantee, you will never go back to brewing regular beer. Ever. No matter how much you clean.

We've custom designed the MH-2000 from the ground up based on feedback from local breweries: 

  • "This product has been indispensable for our Unicorn Sparkle cotton candy marshmallow milkshake saison!"  - Chuck Bailey, Cleft Foot Brewing.
  • "Just amazing. It's really saved us from reliance on dangerous and potentially oxygen inducing glittering processes, such as adding pixies into our tanks!" - Bradley Mitchell, Sudzworks Beerhall.
  • "With the MH-2000 in our brewery, we'll never brew regular beer again!" - Mark Ainsworth, Blue Hand Brewing.

Requirements: The MH-2000 GIS requires a centrifugal pump with a 2" inlet and exactly 4.01HP. And if you've made it down here, then you've realized by now that there is no MH-2000. April Fools!



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