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October 18, 2017 — Kent Clark

Today we've released our viscosity and specific gravity table online. If you've read any of the C-series manuals we put out, you're probably familiar with this table, as it lists each for various common craft products.

A couple of notes for those interested in this data:

Specific Gravity: the specific gravity, in this case, is the ratio of the density of the substance to the density of water.

SSU (Saybolt universal second): is a measure of the time that it takes for 60 cubic centimeters of the substance to flow through a specific tube.

From the page:

Viscosity and Specific Gravity Table for Various Products
Product Specific Gravity Viscosity
Acetic Acid
5% 1.01  
10% 1.01 31.7 SSU @ 59°F
50% 1.06 33 SSU @ 59°F
80% 1.08 35 SSU @ 59°F
Animal Fat 0.9 130 SSU @ 115°F
    50 SSU @ 200°F
Barbecue Sauce 1.05 11,500 SSU @ 40-75°F
Beer 1.02 32 SSU @ 68°F
Blood - Animal .93-.98 15,000 SSU @ 55°F
Butter .93-.98 15,000 SSU @ 55°F
    440 SSU @ 90°F
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