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January 04, 2018 — Kent Clark

You asked for it, and we listened - updates to our Plate Heat Exchangers.

We are always looking for ways to improve our already top class products. Our CPE heat exchangers are already known for their efficiency and low maintenance because we've always been looking for ways to make them the best heat exchangers in the industry. We started by using higher quality stainless steel plates, using a higher plate count (assuring a shorter knock out time), and providing a water output temperature that's hot enough to knock some serious time off your HLT's heating process. Then last year, we approached a number of brewers for advice on how we could improve these designs again. Their feedback surprised us...

The main request we got was for repositioning the ports. This sounds small but the change lifts both the cold liquor inlet and the hot wort outlet ports to waist level - giving easy access to the temperature gauge on your wort outlet, and control valve for cold liquor inlet as well as hose connections to and from the HX unit. Previously, keeping an eye on something like a temperature gauge could mean having to crawling down next to your heat exchanger. Not any more!

These redesigned models are currently available in CPE 30 and CPE 60 varieties. Check them out.


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