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June 07, 2021 — Rebecca Mahlangu

If you are looking for a versatile, cost effective shear pump then a QIM Shear pump is the pump for you. The QIM Series comes with changeable backplates/stators allowing you to use the same pump for multiple different products and purposes. It is ideal for applications that require homogenization or decomposition during pumping, such as cosmetics, syrups, purees, sauces, pulps, and more. This C-series inspired pump features a stainless steel impeller and a stainless steel stator backplate. 

The QIM  is designed with a semi-open impeller configuration to keep the mechanical seal lubricated and keep it pressurized. All the surfaces in contact with the fluid are built from SS 316L with a maximum surface finish of 32 Ra. The O-rings used achieve a stronger seal, as well as ease of maintenance and high performance.

 The three stator types are: large radial bores, small radial bores, and straight radial slots. How do you pick the perfect stator for your needs? Large radial bores are designed to cut up soft solids into smaller particles. The small radial bores are perfect for the emulsification of different liquids. The Straight Radial Slots are designed to disintegrate lumps and for powder induction. 

The QIM series is appropriate for a variety of industries and applications. This range of pumps meets 3A standards and is designed for usage in the Dairy Industry, for applications such as reconstituting powdered milk and adding flavouring syrups. The QIM pump allows you to mix your powdered ingredients with liquids seamlessly with no lumps or other inconsistencies (big radial bores). If you make sauces, cosmetics, or creams this pump will deliver consistent smooth textures. For simpler mixes such as brine and glucose solutions this pump can be used as well (small slots). 

The QIM can also be used in breweries. If you are a brewer who likes to shear hop pellets during the dry hopping process, the QIM series is the right fit for you. This pump can be paired with our MH20 Hopper to create an effortless dry hopping procedure allowing you to achieve that great tasting beer with flavour and aroma without compromising the quality or taste of your beer. This pump can also be used to mix powders, flavourings, purees, or syrups to your beer. 

This versatile pump is available as a portable assembly or as a pump and motor. The QIM+214 is attached to either a 3 or 5 HP motor, while the QIM+316 is available at 7 ½ Hp or 10 HP.



  • Self-lubricating internal seal
  • Casing o-ring to allow for maximum sealing
  • Easy to maintain
  • High flow rates
  • High shear stator-rotor mixer technology
  • Meets 3-A standards (approval pending)
  • Based on C - Series pumps, allows for a simple upgrade 
  • Interchangeable backplates to fit project needs
  • Huge cost savings compared to its competitors in the market
Straight Radial Slots  Small Radial Holes Large Radial Holes
Sizes: 1/"8, 3/16", 1/4" 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" 3/8", 5/8", 7/8"
Suggested Application: Powder mixing and lump disintegration Emulsification Chopping soft solids into smaller particles


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