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Come the end of December 7th, CPE Systems is moving out of the business park and into our own building at 7272 Buller Ave. in the city of Burnaby, B.C. All emails and phone numbers will remain the same, however our new address will be:

7272 Buller Ave
Burnaby, BC, V5J 4S3

Below is the adventure we've had over the last several months, turning an old building into something new.

Our greenery out front looked more like a thicket than a garden, so we brought out the gardening tools. Our hope is that this will eventually be a small hop garden, mixed with rhododendrons. 

Inside we have an expanded space, with a number of offices and utility rooms, including a showroom and a photography room. The added space will also give us significant room to expand staff over the coming years.

We've also upgraded our microwave nook into a full fledged snack room. No stove, but we will have nearly everything else you could need - including a full fridge. 
But of course, the real reason for the move is the warehouse. With more warehouse space than all of the offices combined, our new location will hopefully give us the room required to expand our products, and the flexibility to expand our offers.

Our official move in date will be once this is cleaned up a bit, and the remaining construction is complete. In the meantime, update your address books, as mail sent to Still Creek will not reach us.




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