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This week we’re launching a new product which we’ve been pretty excited about. As part of our hose accessories, we now sell hose end bumpers. These nifty little silicon rings let you drop hoses without worrying about getting dirt in it, or damaging the fittings - which can result in leaks!

As part of our product launch we want to give you a chance to try these out, and so we’re giving you two ways to get a set for FREE!

Get a bumper set for free when you buy any CPE hose with TC ends.

Buy any length of 1.5” hose with tri-clamp ends and we will toss two of them into the box as a thank you. This offer is available until the end of the month.

Click here to buy some hose.

And sorry folks, this offer is for hoses with 1.5" ends only, as they haven't made any in 1" sizes yet!

Show us your worst hose fittings

Do you have a roughed up brewery hose? One with such a dinged up end that it hardly holds a seal anymore? Post it on our Facebook, tweet it at us, or tag us in it on Instagram. The companies with five roughest looking hose ends will get one shipped to them to help them take better care of their hoses - because really guys, you should…


Or, if you take really good care of your hose and, thanks to being such an immaculate and responsible brewer, don’t need any new hose, then you can buy a pair for $25 from the store.



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